Stage Show Laser Systems

  • 1-3W RGB Full Color Laser System The1-3W RGB (red, green and blue) full color laser system is a small power electrical device particularly suitable for small stages, dance halls, pubs, KTV boxes, family parties, etc. Equipped with the AB4060 high-speed optical scanner, the product can output full color laser animation and characters, which offers you a romantic and illusionary feeling...
  • 4-5W RGB Full Color Laser System The 4-5W RGB full color laser system has a tiny beam divergence between 1.0-1.2mrad and a consumption of 400W. The product can display characters and animation and it can change the laser colors randomly in accordance with the real-time environments. The computer can control at most 16 laser systems simultaneously and the built-in programs of our products can exchange control with the computer automatically...
  • 1.5-2.5W RGB Full Color Laser System The consumption of the 1.5-2.5 RGB full color laser system is 200W. Storing various pictures and animations, our product can project beams of various colors and make up various new beams and animations in line with actual situations. The adoption of high-speed galvo scanning system endows the pictures with different effects such as flicker, rotation, rolling, planar move, stretch, and slow drawing, which creates a wonderful night for people...
  • 6-10W RGB Full Color Laser System The 6-10W RGB full color laser system has a consumption of 600W. Besides, animation show and landmark beam show can be displayed by the product. The animation is formed by the imaging of bearing curtains such as white curtain, veil curtain, water curtain and projection screen, while the beam is formed when the laser projects through the air, mist and dust...
  • 10-13W RGB Full Color Laser System The 10-13W RGB full color laser systems have a consumption of 800W and a beam diameter of 4mm. Equipped with advanced scanning system, the product can display the planar move, swing, zoom and rotation of characters and pictures and produce various distinctive landscape designs...
  • 15-27W RGB Full Color Laser System The product can create a gorgeous stage scene and a hot atmosphere with its laser colors of red, yellow, green, blue, light blue, purple and white, so it can be used in large indoor and outdoor stage shows. The scientific optical path design and beam splitting technique ensure the smooth process of the laser show...
  • 1-2W Green Laser System The 1-2W green laser system provides a single color laser of green. Though not rich in color, the green laser system offers a quite brighter effect than the full color one. Equipped with advanced controlling software, the electrical device can be controlled by the computer to draw characters and pictures and it shows the effect immediately...
  • 3-15W Green Laser System The 3-15W green laser system has three optional modes, the consumption of which are respectively 400W, 500W, and 600W. Its live performance function stores a large number of key operations, each of which will display a laser picture that can be previewed and used in time. Widely used in sports events, large concerts, ceremonies, etc., the electrical device leaves the audience a deep impression with its special rendering effect...
  • Pangolin QN2000.NET Laser Controller QM2000 board has been the hardware portion of Pangolin's LD2000 series of software since late1999. Designed in 1999, it is used to cooperate with Motorola, but it enjoys a very long usable lifetime, with built-in expansion capabilities and support for scan rates, which are four times greater than the 30K, which is state-of-the-art at the time. The capability and expandability of the QM2000 was recognized by ILDA, in the form of a First Place Fenning Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the year 2000...
  • FIESTA Laser Show Controller Due to its powerful features, you can make amazing live shows or shows for music with unlimited number of laser projectors. Fiesta uses USB interface to control laser, so finally you can create outstanding shows by using your notebook. Powered by USB port from PC, which is usable for notebooks, the product is equipped with device technology and signal converter PC-Laser...

The laser show system employs the galvo scanning system to scan the laser, which will produce multi-colored characters and pictures. Projected on the walls of tall buildings or the water curtains of fountains, these characters and pictures will present a dazzling 3D effect. When applied in the stage performance, the laser show system will make the scene more luxury, brilliant, and exciting. The darker the scene is, the better the show effect is. Please confine the laser in a proper range in the landmark laser projection in case the laser will hurt people.

As a professional lighting equipment manufacturer, we provide various stage show laser systems. According to the different laser colors, our products can be divided into full color laser system and green laser system. Laser systems with a wide power range from 1W to 27W are available to meet the demands of various occasions.

Technical Specifications of Full Color Laser System
Wavelength: R:637nm, G:532nm, B:445nm
Beam Divergence: R:1.3mrad, G:1.3mrad, B:1.3mrad
Beam Diameter: 3mm-4mm
Scanner: 40kpps AB4060, Max scan angle 60 degree
Modulation: up to 30khz analog
Input connector: ISO ILDA DB25 connector and RJ45 Lans cable connector
Software: Moncha software or Pangolin software
Life: 10000hrs
Power consumption: 90-240V, 200W
IP grade: IP54 dustproof at optical area
Size: 420mmx336mmx216mm
Net Weight: 18kgs
Gross weight: 32kgs with fly case
Warranty time: 2 years
Show Effects: hundreds of light beam effects, including wedding laser show, full color Chinese and English characters, cartoon, graphic pattern, space-time tunnel, etc. Besides, we can customize laser shows according to customers' requirements.

Features of Green Laser System
Wavelength: 532nm
Beam Divergence:1.3mard
Beam Diameter: 3mm-4mm
Scanner: 40kpps AB4060,Max scan angle 60 degree
Modulation: up to 30khz analog
Input connector: ISO ILDA DB25 connector and Lans connector
Software: Included Moncha software or Pangolin Quick show
Power consumption: 90-240V, 300W
Warranty time: 2 years
Work space: Disco, High Bar, Night club, TV station, Advertisement Family party, Opera House, etc
Show Effects: hundreds of light beam effects, including wedding laser show, full color Chinese and English characters, cartoon, graphic pattern, space-time tunnel, etc. Besides, we can customize laser shows according to customers' requirements.

Yuesheng is an experienced stage show laser systems manufacturer in China. Our products include 7W RGB LED down light , 608PCS 5mm RGB LED bar light, 1-3W RGB full color laser system, LED flood light, and much more.

Other Products
  • LED Stage Light Our product is very colorful, for 16.7 million colors can be created by the mixture of RGB. We provide 3-in-1 LED and WA 2-in-1 LED combined light source, white amber 2-in-1 LED and RGBW mixed LED light source. Moreover, LED stage light is featured with low power, low drive voltage, and high luminous efficiency, and it is energy-saving and safe, without radiation or ultraviolet rays. Besides, the product has a long life span up to one hundred thousand hours.
  • DMX-240A DMX Controller DMX-240A DMX controller has 2 assignable wheels, which can provide convenience for movement, and file dump which allows data to be sent for reception between 2 units. The product has 12 scanners, each one of which has 16 channels, and 30 banks of 8 programmable scenes. It also has 6 programmable chases, each one of which has 240 scenes, and 8 sliders for manual control of channels. The auto mode program is controlled by speed slider and fade time slider...