Our products can be divided into six series, including LED outdoor stage lighting, LED commercial lighting, LED indoor stage lighting, DMX controller, laser show systems, and LED home, commercial, high bay lighting. Due to their attractive features, our products are widely used in places like stage, studio, gymnasium, museum, superstore, public house, supermarket, entertainment place, office, school, house, tunnel, community, parking lot, street, underground installation, highway, freeway, secondary highway, spur track, residential road, sidewalk, square, and playground, etc.

Our products enjoy numerous advantages. They are energy-saving and eco-friendly, for they can save about 60% power than traditional filament lamp under the same brightness. Controlled by exclusive intelligence control system, our products will save energy in a better way. They also have high luminous efficiency, which is over 75Lm/W. After special light spot treatment, our products can give out soft and uniform light. Due to the patented heat dissipation technology, the temperature of our products is about ten degrees lower than aluminum housing processed by NC lathe or die-cast aluminum shell. Besides, our products are also featured with light weight, safety, reliability, high quality, and long guarantee period over three years.

We have our own LED light source packaging production workshop and whole lamp installation production workshop. We strictly control every technical data of LED lamp from light source. Thanks to the world-class LED chip packaging, we can improve product quality and reduce defective products, so we can effectively save the production cost of lighting fixture.