Our company can offer pre-sales service. For example, we can provide sample for our customer who will pay certain fee as well as the freight. As for sales service, we will offer some quick-wear parts for free according to the order. The delivery cycle is from seven to twenty five working days. During guarantee period, we can provide free accessories and technical support for our customers, but the buyer has to pay relevant hourly rates and express fee of accessories. Moreover, we can customize products according to customers' requirements. Besides, our company also provides OEM products.

Main Products
  • 19W RGB LED Stage Washer Light 19W RGB LED stage washer light has nine high-power RGB 3-in-1 LEDs, which adopt Jiugong Arrangement. The power of the product is 19W, and the luminous flux is 825lm. The length of the product is 178mm, and the height of the product is 99mm. Both of them are less than those of YS-L06 series. The width of the product is just over 160mm...
  • 96W RGB LED Stage Washer Light 96W RGB LED stage washer light adopts 4 channel DMX control and has medium power. Each lighting set is composed of 42 high-power RGB 3-in-1 LEDs, and the power is 96W. Compared with YS-L09 and YS-L06 series, this product has much higher luminous flux, which is 3850lm. ..